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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to the concept of hair removal in intimate places your mind is probably buzzing with questions, mostly embarrassing ones...Intimate Waxing is our focus, we know you may be shy, nervous, and apprehensive and we promise to put you at ease and talk you through the entire service.

What is a Brazilian or Manzilian?

This is the removal of hair from the pubic mound area to the tail bone and everything in between.  A small strip or patch may be left, how much or how little is discussed at the time of service.  The results leave you clean, smooth and many satisfied clients comment on the heightened sensitivity ;)

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different.  The techniques we employ and the waxes we use ensure the pain to be minimal every step of the way, some clients have even referred to the service as ‘relaxing’!  The hair is being pulled from the root, so there is some discomfort, but just like having a band-aid removed, it is soon forgotten. To minimize discomfort you should avoid coffee, alcohol, marijuana, exercise or any other stimulants prior to a waxing treatment.  A couple of ibuprofen taken about 30 minutes before your appointment may take the edge off.  Women tend to be more sensitive a few days either side of their menses.  (Waxing can still be done during your period, just wear a tampon.)

How long does the hair need to be?

The hair can never be too long!  We recommend a minimum of three weeks growth from last shaving and certainly no shorter than ¼” in length; you should be able to grip the hair firmly between the thumb and forefinger.

Please DO NOT trim or shave prior to your appointment - we will trim if needed.  If the hair is too short, it makes the service more uncomfortable and you likely will not be satisfied with the results, so please let it grow out.

How long does the service take?

Typically a female Brazilian takes between 20 to 40 minutes and a Manzilian about 30-45 mins.

What if I get aroused?

Frankly, you wouldn't be the first - it happens and I don't take it personally.  There is a lot of handling going on down there and it is a sensitive place.  Waxing will continue, think of grandma if it helps, there's no 'happy ending' so please don't even ask.

Can I wax on my period?

Yes, that is perfectly ok and many clients do, I just ask that you wear a tampon.  You can freshen up with the bidet immediately prior to your service and complimentary sanitary supplies are available.

How long does it last?

It may take a couple of waxing sessions to  really get the best results and once you are on a regular waxing schedule of approximately every five to six weeks, you can expect to be completely hair free for a good two weeks, often more.  The re-growth is finer and softer, not coarse stubble as with shaving and, generally, if the service is repeated within six weeks, the hair lifts easily, which means less pain and a quicker service! 

Are there any side effects?

Even when taking every precaution, it is impossible to predict how your skin will react to waxing.  Some redness and irritation may occur - often that will disappear within a couple of hours.  Some dry, sensitive skins are more prone to lifting or bruising.  Skin tags, warts, broken skin cannot be waxed over.  Should I notice any reactions occurring during the treatment I will discuss with you.

What home care is required?

Exfoliate!  About 72 hours after waxing is the best time to start exfoliating; you can use a coarse cloth, a sugar scrub, a loofah or dry brush at least a couple of times a week until your next appointment.
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